Semenax – increase the volume of your semen during ejaculation

Orgasm occurs at the peak of sexual pleasure, and this wondrous event takes place when groups of muscles work together through rhythmic contractions.

These muscles include pubococcygeus muscle, rectum, perineum, anal sphincter, ejaculatory ducts and the muscles around the penis.

For men, the more you ejaculate, the more intense your orgasm would be.

It is through orgasm and ejaculation that loads of semen will be delivered, starting as few contractions which are close together and intense.

However, orgasm slowly lowers with less frequent intervals as orgasm continues.

The more fluid you ejaculate, the more the muscles will contract to be able to release the fluids, and the more the intensity of contractions, the more pleasure will be experienced as well!

Such male physiology explains why there are products available in the market that are formulated for the purpose of enhancing male ejaculation.

Showing more of your load will surely impress your partner, and the pleasure of getting to the climax with more semen is good enough reason for the high demand for volume-enhancing pills. 

Semenax is one of the leading products in the market to increase the volume or load of semen during ejaculation, and it plays an important role in improving the sperm cell’s health.


Ingredients of Semenax

Semenax is a combination of all-natural ingredients that include: 

  • Zinc – Increases the production of testosterone and sperm.
  • Swedish Flower Pollen – A natural aid for enlarge prostate.
  • L-Lysin – Increases the production of testosterone and sperm.
  • L-Arginine – Works on doubling semen volume. Also effective for increasing erection size and hardness.
  • Epimedium Sagittatum – Better erection quality and improves libido.
  • Catuaba Bark and Maca – an effective herbal aphrodisiacs
  • Pumpkin Seeds – For better health of the prostate. 
  • L- Carnitine – For better semen quality.

Directions to Use

Semenax has to be taken in 2 pills twice per day, and visible results can be noticed in 2 weeks of use.

However, to benefit most from this supplement, you have to continuously take it for about ninety days. To maintain its effects, then you have to take as part of your maintenance.

Important information 

Most men who used the Semenax noticed gains after 60 days of taking it. The progress is gradual but very rewarding.

The most evident effect is the heightened sensitivity during sexual intercourse, and orgasm is intensified as well. Semenax also works in increasing semen volume.

Long term commitment is necessary since prolonged use is needed for better effects.


Semenax can be purchased from its official website. There are also other online retailers to try.

Try to avoid ending up with a counterfeit. For a month’s supply, you can spend around $59.95.

But buying in bulk will offer discounts and reward you with more savings. Also, the product is backed up with 67 days money-back guarantee. 

The PROs of Semenax

Semenax review
  • Contains an all-natural formula
  • It offers a sixty days free trial and money-back guarantee
  • It improves libido
  • It increases the production of male hormones 
  • Gives quick results in 7 days
  • It helps improve the sexual performance and ability to last longer in bed
  • It is available online
  • It increases sexual appetite and endurance and more intense orgasms
  • It helps in improving semen quality and increases in semen volume

The Disadvantages of Semenax

  • Only available online
  • Higher Price


With low semen production, expect the orgasm to last only for 2-3 seconds.

However, if you aim for an intense, mind-blowing orgasm for ultimate enjoyment with your partner, you will need an abundant amount of loads of ejaculation.

Semenax is made for that since its good blends of natural ingredients make it efficient enough to increase the volume of your ejaculation.

Its users believed that it gave them an 80% increase and even make gains as they continue taking the supplement. 

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