Nootropics Review – Why you should consider using nootropics


If you want to increase your productivity, alertness, and ability to learn and remember, you should consider using nootropics.

Though the popularity of nootropics has increased tenfold in the past few years, public knowledge of the reality of nootropics still remains astonishingly low. 

A nootropic is a supplement, (drug) which helps the brain to do its job more effectively.

The cognitive capabilities of the brain are enhanced by the use of a nootropic, and some specific nootropics are believed to boost confidence levels, memory, motivation, and overall brain function of its users. 

Nootropics are neurochemical compounds that only enhance the substances already present in the brain. They can help increase the presence of a variety of enzymes, chemicals, and nutrients inherent to our heads. Nootropics help enhance the brain’s functionality in specific areas.

In order to justly classify a drug as a nootropic, a few criteria ought to be met, and such criteria include:

  • It should help protect the brain and keep it safe from both physical and chemical injuries.
  • It should enhance the cognitive abilities of the brain and prevent these abilities from being disrupted by certain health conditions.
  • It should help enhance the brain’s memory, concentration, and ability to efficiently learn.
  • It should not be toxic and should have very few potential side effects, if any.
  • Finally, it should also enhance both the cortical and subcortical control mechanisms that are within the brain.

However, not falling in one of the above categories doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a nootropic.

How Nootropics Work

The exact effects of any given nootropic will vary from person to person and dosage to dosage since a variety of personal characteristics, actions, and features will continue to interfere with the total effectiveness of nootropics on the brain and body.

However, the very thing which makes nootropics the kind of substance they are is that they work to increase the number of neurotransmitters functioning within the brain.  nootropics are also able to increase blood flow to the brain, acting as “vasodilators”.

Nootropics have the ability to offer health benefits to all types of people, and can be used even when the user is perfectly healthy, but employed as a catalyst to the already healthy brain instead.

They may help strengthen the brain’s memory, ability to learn, level of concentration, and ability to focus.

Some Benefits of Nootropics:

  • Better Sense Of Productivity
  • Improved Sleeping Habits
  • Less Depression
  • An Improvement In Moods
  • More Stable Emotions
  • Better Coordination Regarding Both The Mind And The Body
  • An Improvement In Neuroplasticity
  • Protection For The Brain
  • Nootropics Are Safe To Take
  • Better Blood Circulation For The Brain
  • Less Stress

List of Cognitive Enhancing Nootropics include:

  • Piracetam
  • Aniracetam
  • Oxiracetam
  • Pramiracetam
  • Sulbutiamine
  • Tianeptine
  • Centrophenoxine 
  • CDP Choline
  • Alpha GPC Choline
  • Galantamine
  • Adderall
  • Ritalin
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Ashwagandha 
  • Phenylpiracetam
  • Adrafinil
  • Modafinil
  • Cerebrolysin
  • Desmopressin 
  • Caffeine
  • L-Theanine
  • Phenibut
  • Picamilon
  • Noopept
  • Sunifiram 
  • Coluracetam
  • Nefiracetam
  • Fasoracetam
  • DMAE
  • Huperzine A
  • Unifiram
  • Armodafinil
  • 5-HTP
  • Phenylalanine
  • L-Dopa
  • Creatine
  • Vinpocetine
  • Kratom
  • Marijuana

Naturally, the benefits of marijuana can extend far past the cool high enjoyed by thousands.

It can serve as a stimulant for the brain and can lead to an increased focus on mundane tasks.

Potential Side Effects of Taking Nootropics

One of the best parts about using nootropics is that they are natural and because of their natural makeup and simple composition, most users never experience the potential side effects.

However, it is important that consumers research and examine the potential side effects of any drug before allowing it to enter their body.

That being said, the most common side effects of taking nootropics include nausea and headaches. While some users have also reported experiencing an allergic reaction after taking certain nootropic drugs.

Some Tips On How Users Can Make The Most Out Of Nootropics.

  • Make sure that you always get Enough Sleep
  • Take Care of Your Overall Body
  • Maintain a Balanced and Healthy Diet
  • Exercise Your Brain


Nootropics are affordable, safe, and easy to take pills.

The drugs work to enhance the brain and could be used to either treat serious illnesses in addition to enhancing the lives of ordinary citizens.

While there is still much to be discovered about this incredible class of drug, nootropics are a type of supplement with tremendous opportunity.

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