Best Penis Exercises – Simple ways you can help yourself

A recent study showed that over 50% of all men wish that their penis was somehow larger, and to that effect, this article is prepared.

The following penis exercises can have a significant effect on your penis size, as they can increase the size of your penis by up to 1.5 inches.

You may see a small amount of success by dangling a weight from your penis, but those kinds of penis exercises would require an addictive amount of dedication, and could cause some serious side effects.

The Warm-Up

Before starting these exercises, you should warm-up by placing a warm washcloth or towel around your penis.

This is recommended in order to avoid possible pain and injury resulting from stiff and inflexible connecting tissues in and around the penis.

Soak a small washcloth in warm to hot water and then wrap it around your penis while in a sitting posture. Leave the cloth in place for at least 3 minutes.

You have to be well loosened-up for these exercises to work properly, and that being said, here are our recommended penis exercises:

  1. Jelqing 

Jelqing is done by forming an “okay” sign, using your thumb and index finger.

Then, using this grip, apply pressure to the penis and stroke up, compelling blood to flow to the tip. This is widely considered a penis exercise for girth, and many people have also experienced significant increases in length as well.

Jelqing produces fairly limited results at a moderate level of risk, and frequent jelqing may actually lead to a more insensitive penis, disfigure irritation, and shooting pains.

However, if you decide to try the jelqing procedure, please do some while semi-erect, but not when it is fully aroused, holding each move for approximately 30 seconds and then release. Try the following techniques of jelqing:

Step 1

  • Stretch penis straight out
  • Stretch penis straight out to the left
  • Stretch penis straight out to the right
  • Stretch penis straight out

Step 2

  • Stretch penis straight up
  • Stretch penis straight up to the left
  • Stretch penis straight up to the right
  • Stretch penis straight up

Step 3

  • Stretch penis straight down
  • Stretch penis straight down and to the left
  • Stretch penis straight down to the right
  • Stretch penis straight down

(Repeat the entire routine 3 times).

You can do this complete exercise in about 20 minutes. It might take a little longer for a beginner, but don’t give up, you should keep doing this routine at least 4 times per week. Reports of an increase in length in as little as 2 months being gotten and more may be achieved if you remain determined.

  • Restricting 

Acquire a penis device that restricts blood flow away from the penis, but still allows a small amount of blood flow to the penis. The buildup in pressure will make your penis huge. However, we advise you to do this penis exercise in moderation.

  • The Basic Bend

While your penis is flaccid, pull it with one hand while bending the shaft over the fingers of your other hand.

  • Hard Squeeze

This is also known as the ULI. The Hard Squeeze is the flawless penis exercise for learning how to increase penis girth. While erect, squeeze the lower part of your penis, causing the upper glans to expand by forcing blood flow to the tip.

  • The Harlem Shake 

The step is very simple: swing your dick in a 360-degree circular motion. In this penis exercise, blood flow will surge to the shaft, which will ultimately make it stretch.

  • Kegel Exercises For Men 

Kegel exercises for men are actually proven to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which in turn will increase your bladder control, and most importantly, your sexual function.

To start, first, you must locate your pelvic floor muscles, which can be done by stopping your urination stream abruptly next time you are in the bathroom.

The muscles used to do so are your pelvic floor muscles. Once you stopped midstream, place your fingers behind your testicles, and start again.

You should feel your pelvic floor muscles contract, and now you know where your pelvic floor muscles are located, then try a few of these penis exercises for girth and length.

Ensure to empty your bladder before performing the following kegel exercises for men.

  • Kegel Squeeze – This is as simple as it gets, because, for this kegel exercise all you have to do is squeeze your pelvic floor muscles for two to three seconds and then release. Do this not more than 20 times per day.
  • Kegel Hold – Tense your muscles and hold for approximately 20 seconds, try not to do this more than once per day.
  • Kegel Bench Press – While erect, lay on your back and place a napkin over your penis. Then by means of your penis, move the napkin up and down for 10 reps.

The Benefits to Penis Exercises

Aside from the expected gains you will notice from completing these penis exercises every day, there are numerous other benefits that these penis exercises produce, and here is a list of the additional benefits of penis exercises:

  • Longer lasting erections
  • Harder erections
  • Last longer in bed
  • Multiple orgasms
  • Increase in sex drive
  • Increase in self-esteem
  • Better sex for your partner
  • Increase in confidence
  • Stronger ejaculation
  • Healthier prostate
  • Better sex for you
  • Stronger orgasm

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