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The Five Different Types of Prostate Cancer

Five Different Types of Prostate Cancer

Scientists have identified five types of prostate cancer, each with a divergent genetic signature. By analyzing the DNA of prostate cancer cells from 259 men, researchers identified five distinct prostate cancer subgroups called “iClusters”. The subgroups described the genetic characteristics of the tumor and gave clues about how it might behave in the future. The study was […]

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Hydromax Frequently Asked Questions

Hydromax Frequently Asked Questions

Overview The results we have posted here are average across all men who have used Hydromax. It means that you might gain less than mentioned here, or you might gain even more than mentioned so please bear in mind results are not conclusive and may vary. Q. Is The Hydromax Safe To Use? Yes! Hydromax is […]

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10 + 1 Health benefits of beer you should know

benefits of beer

Every now and then there is nothing better than cracking open a cold beer after a long day. You will be happy to hear that, when you consume beer in moderation, the benefits of beer go far past helping you wind down after a stressful day. The health benefits of beer embrace its anticancer properties, […]

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Hormones and their huge effect on your health


We often spend quite a bit of time concentrating on external factors of well-being like exercise and nutrition. However, the internal factors like hormones, have a huge say in whether you get to stay and feel great or not. Hormones function as messengers between body systems to order your physiology and behavior, such as digestion, […]

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My Phallosan Forte – a stretching device that cleverly combines traction and vacuum technology

Phallosan Forte review

Introduction  Penis stretching can mostly be achieved with either traction or pumping. Phallosan forte is a stretching device that cleverly combines traction and vacuum technology. The Phallosan Forte is a penis enlargement device that is also believed to improve male sexual health. Information according to the manufacturer, this penis extender is comfortable to wear due […]

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Muscle Advance Creatine Review

Muscle Advance Creatine review

If you are looking to build size, you will need to take creatine, and it is without a doubt that creatine is the most important substance you can use to help build mass, increase size, and get stronger. The Muscle Advance Monohydrate is a muscle-building supplement offered by the company named, Muscle Advance Sports Nutritionals. […]

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