The Jes Extender – Majority of Men are not Satisfied with their penis size

The need to have a big penis has existed for a long time and it is a quite natural desire since the first thing is that man is a male and as such, he has the calling for growing.

A man’s penis size is always seen as a symbol of vitality, potency, and sexual energy.

Based on an official study conducted, the majority of men are not satisfied with their penis size.

This problem can be the cause of many issues in sexual life, problems with a partner, low self-esteem and so on.

Even though many women have denied that size means much to them, on the other hand, many women have also admitted that penis size does matter for them.

According to a study held in Holland with 400 women, the result showed that for around 85% of these women, penis size holds great importance, while 50% of the women are quite happy with a thick penis. 

About the product

Jes extender is a clinically proven and tested modern penis enhancement device which was launched in the market in the year 1994.

The device is for those who want to get top quality results in increasing penis size. The device gives a pain-free treatment which will help to make the penis size larger in a calm and easy way.

This is even as a large number of users from across the world saying that they are satisfied with the Jes extender product.

It is said to be a great choice for all those who want to increase their penis size safely and comfortably.

Primarily, Jes Extender was developed to straighten the curvature of the penis and it was able to achieve that goal, however, it showed another side-effect that most men love to see.

It made the patient’s penis not just straight, but longer and thicker too. Jes extender was one of the first penis extenders, with the revolutionary system on the market.

Another important information is that the FDA classified this penis extender as a Class 1 medical device.

This is as the device underwent tests in a comprehensive study at the Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery in Copenhagen, and it was learned that using this device could increase penis size by 30% over a 24-week period.

All test subjects or patients who used this traction device experienced a penile lengthening of 1.2mm per week, and to cap it up, no medical complications were associated with it.

The chief benefit of Jes extender is that it is able to enlarge the size and breadth of the penis without any use of surgery or surgical procedures.

This Jes dick extender tool utilizes the traction technique that has been in use for long years. Based on the study, Jes extender can grow your penis size by 24% from its previous size.

The device is delivered across the whole world in a very discreet packaging system and is European certified.

This certification is only given to the items that are able to meet particular standards among the European Union.

The structure of the device

Jes Extenders comprised of four basic parts: 

  • The basal ring that loops the base of the penis. 
  • The two spring-loaded arms attached to the base with expanded screws to regulate the length of the unit. 
  • A specially molded support and 
  • A soft adjustable silicon tube that helps hold the head of the penis during traction.

Aside from these basic four of the Jes Extender’s parts, the unit has several parts for added comfort and security.

It includes the custom Velcro strap accessory to secure your penis from the extender, and also includes comfort strap, soft attach, different sizes of elongation bars, and more. 

The good thing about this device is that Jes Extender spare parts are also available for purchase, and you can check their site for any Jes Extender parts or Jes Extender spare parts that you wish to purchase.

How it works

The device works on the principle of cell division. The cell division process is also known as ‘cytokinesis’ and is a safe, natural, effective and proven method.

Physicians and doctors use this principle/traction method, all over the world to lengthen different parts of the body.

The process is similar to the use of traction when body tissues are broken or damaged, to trigger the body to start creating large amounts of cells to “repair” the body’s structure.

The uniform tension applied by the Jes extender ensures that new cells are produced uniformly along the length of the penis, ensuring a balance between both length and girth.

This result in the whole of the penis is stretched (not just the edges).

The only downside of this device are:

  • It can cause discomfort: In the first few days of use, discomfort may be felt, however, you can use the protective pad that is included in the package to improve comfort by reducing the amount of tension.
  • It needs to prolong use to get the desired effect, and also need to be worn several hours a day. However, you can still continue your normal daily routine since the device can be subtly used with a loosely fitting trouser. 
  • Also, you need to use JES Extender consistently for 3-6 months for the best result. 

However, this device will work regardless of if you are circumcised or not, and it can also be used for any penile length.

Urinating can also be done without the need to remove the Jes extender. 

Steps on how to use the JES extender

  1. Position the penis on the extended bars through the base ring.
  2. Make sure that you place the head of the penis on the silicone band, which will then be pulled down.
  3. Securely fastened.
  4. Apply a proper amount of traction force. 
  5. Adjust this through winding extender bars on every side.

Where to Buy

You can only purchase the device from its manufacturer’s official website, and once purchased, expect fast shipment and discreet packaging to be done.

It is delivered to more than 200 countries in the world including the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Philippines, Malaysia, and India. 

The product is sold with a double money-back guarantee once no gain was experienced even after you have finished the program.


Jes extender is believed to be a top-quality product that is specially made to enhance the penis size. An average enhancement of 24% in length and 19% in girth has been noted.

The important thing about the tool is it works very safely without any side effects and discomfort, and for faster and better advantages it is said that you should use it as directed. 

The traction technique of the device not only makes the penis larger, but it also improves blood activity that is imperative for hard and proper erections.

This device is also a great way to combat curvature in your penis and utilizes a technique of natural cell division. 

A lot of users are using it worldwide, as the device is very easy to use and somewhat comfortable too, because of the extension rod that controls tension.

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