Super Beta Prostate – a natural supplement that improves your prostate life.


Super Beta Prostate is a natural supplement that improves the life of a man’s prostate.

In America, almost 200,000 new cases of prostate cancers are diagnosed every year, and the figure keeps rising as the day goes by. 

Research studies did show that a definite decrease was seen in prostate-related disorders among patients who have used Super Beta Prostate.

The male prostate appears to be a gland, but with age, it can significantly influence the quality of life.

Most men of over 40 years of age start to notice some changes in their habits, as they urinate much more frequently.

They develop a weaker urine stream, or cannot empty their bladder completely in some cases.

They may wake up at night several times to urinate.

Fortunately, Super Beta Prostate, which was created by Roger Mason, a chemist, is said to treat all of these symptoms.

Information according to adverts suggests that Super Beta Prostate is said to help men in these areas

  • Supports normal prostate function
  • reduce trips to the bathroom at night
  • reduce trips the barroom during the day
  • improve sleep
  • promote a better love life
  • create confidence during the day

Its manufacturer, the New Vitality, claims that within 3 weeks of use, your sixty years old prostate can return to a young prostate of 25 years old.

This would definitely solve all the problems associated with an older prostate.

Problems such as frequent bathroom visits at night, dribbling of urine, lack of enjoyment in your sexual life, burning urination and improper urine flow.


Super Beta Prostate is a non-prescription product, and it contains 10 ingredients. The supplement has an official website that can offer more information.  

Super Beta Prostate contains the following natural ingredients, with each playing its role in a different way:

  • Beta-Sitesterol: highly enriched with fatty acids and helps in treating prostate inflammation and by bringing back the prostate back to its normal size in patients suffering from BPH. It can be found in different kinds of plants.  
  • Trace elements: Super Beta Prostate contains zinc, copper, manganese, iodine, molybdenum, chromium and other elements. All these elements help the prostate by providing immunity against various pathogens and infections.
  • Vitamin D and calcium: It also contains vitamin D which helps in improving the bladder contractile force, helping to prevent any back pooling of urine.

Pros and Cons


Super Beta Prostate is helpful in the following ways:

  • An obvious reduction in bathroom visits can be experienced by patients
  • It helps in shrinking the prostate size back to normal
  • There is very tiny chance of back pooling of urine due to enhancement in bladder’s contractile function
  • There would be a definite decline in post urination dribbling and burning

Cons or Disadvantages

Research studies have shown that Super Beta Prostate affects the re-absorption of certain kinds of vitamins from the GIT tract.

So, it is always recommended to always take multivitamins along with the supplement.

Possible Side Effects

As Super Beta Prostate is made of 100 % natural ingredients without any kind of chemicals or preservatives, it hardly leads to any side effects among the users. However, some people may complain about

  • Nausea
  • Gastric indigestion
  • Gastro-Intestinal Tract problems like diarrhea, constipation or vomiting
  • Skin reactions in the form of itching and rash may occur.


It is recommended to use one tab twice a day, at least for three weeks, after which you will definitely see improvements in your prostate function.


As with each passing day, the no of patients facing prostate problems are on the increase, therefore, the best possible solution would be to nip the leaf by the bud, and treat the problems right in the beginning. 

Different supplements would be available in the market, but not as much natural as Super Beta Prostate, and not as much cost-effective either.

Super Beta Prostate is result-oriented, and it is recommended that you start using Super Beta Prostate.

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