My Phallosan Forte – a stretching device that cleverly combines traction and vacuum technology


Penis stretching can mostly be achieved with either traction or pumping.

Phallosan forte is a stretching device that cleverly combines traction and vacuum technology.

The Phallosan Forte is a penis enlargement device that is also believed to improve male sexual health.

Information according to the manufacturer, this penis extender is comfortable to wear due to its intelligent design.

It promises to increase penis girth, to improve the form of a curved penis and help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The Phallosan can increase the quality of erections and orgasms, as well as improves the blood flow in the pelvis, as additional benefits.

The product and its manufacturers

Phallosan Forte is made and designed by a German company, however, it is manufactured in Malta.

It arrives in very discreet packaging and is easy to apply, as it comes with detailed instructions.

It comes with a paper manual as well as a demonstration DVD and is important you follow the instructions carefully when applying the Phallosan for the first time.

The items included in the Phallosan kit are:

  • Three suction bells (small, medium, large) with attached 4 sleeve condoms (1 small, 2 medium, 1 large)
  • Measuring tool
  • DVD disk with instructions (as well as printed manual)
  • Protector cap 
  • A suction ball with 3-way valve
  • Tension clip with tension springs to adjust the intensity of the tension
  • The orthopedic elastic belt is strapped around the waist to keep the device in place and to apply tension.

In general, the Phallosan forte stands out from other extenders because it can be worn more comfortably, even while you are sleeping.

It is also perfect for beginners and can give fast results.

Other medical problems resolved by the Phallosan forte include;

  1. Retraction penis

As a result of obesity, where the penis retracts back to the subcutaneous fat, making it impossible to engage in any sexual activity.

The Phallosan can work by pulling the penis out from the subcutaneous fat tissue.

  1. Innate Incurvate Penis
  2. It is ideal for the post-operative procedure after prostate surgery, helping the penis to regain sexual function.
  3. Erectile Dysfunction due to Diabetes, as it improves blood flow to the penis which allows sufficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the area.



How the device works

Science believes that once a force is applied to any part of the body, it causes muscles to be stretched consistently, resulting in the reproduction of new cells.

This will result in a lengthened and enlarged body part, and that is why using Phallosan Forte can cause enlargement of your penis. 

Expected Results:

  • Longer and enlarged penis after 6 months of consistent use.
  • Longer erection of up to 1.5 inches after 3 months of use, which even keep improving
  • The additional girth of 1.9 inches.

Side Effects

In very rare cases, there are reports on reddening and swelling of glands.

This is an expected result when very high tension is applied to any body parts.

However, this can be avoided if users follow the procedure and make the necessary adjustments for comfort and safety. A tension that is more than 3 kg should never be applied.

How to Use Phallosan Forte

Here are the steps on how to use Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte review
  • Attach the tip of the penis to the protector cap.
  • Roll over the rubber condom sleeve while taking the glass bell, fitting the head of your penis to it. This applies pressure to the penis and holds it in place.
  • Make use of the orthopedic belt by spreading it in front of you, and ensure that it is adjusted according to its longest length with the use of the buckle.
  • You can find out your accurate suction bell size through the enclosed measuring template.
  • You can wear this device for 12 hours every day
  • In case you get uncomfortable, simply use a 3-way valve. The tension level is manipulated through the tension clip, which is equipped using a calibrated pull of the system.


The phallosan forte product has a lot of counterfeits, which has the tendency to harm your penis. So, it is advisable that you should buy Phallosan from its official website in order to avoid fake resellers and discounts.


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