How to get a clean shave – All grooming rules you should know

The key to a close, comfortable, and clean shave every time lies in the preparation, the technique, and the aftercare.

For most men,  shaving is an inevitable activity which can be pretty quick if you’re used to it. It is as simple as picking up a razor, run it against your skin, and no more hair on your face.

However, life has rules, and these rules are there for your own protection.

Male Grooming Rules to get a Clean Close Shave:


Be Prepared

Make sure that you are prepared for the task at hand.

Plug the shaver in the night before, and if you’re going for a wet shave, buy some shaving foam beforehand, it doesn’t grow in the bathroom.

Make Sure Your Beard is Thoroughly Wet

Getting your beard wet is essential to getting a close shave since water causes the hair to swell and become weak.

It is recommended that you try shaving right after showering or after washing your face. Shaving on dry skin is not a smart move.

First, soften up your skin and hair by showering or using a pre-shave oil. Lather your whole face and begin shaving in short strokes, moving in the same direction that your hair seems to grow.

It is worth to note that hair often changes directions on the neck and lower chin areas. 

You can even lather again and make another pass going across the grain, if necessary.

When you’re done with shaving, splash your face with cold water, as this tightens your skin back up and closes the pores. It also soothes the skin.

Invest in High-Quality Shaving Cream

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You want to invest in shaving cream that has a high concentration of moisturizers and lubricants.

Top-notch shaving creams produce a creamy lather that leads to less friction and resistance, allowing the blade to glide smoothly across the surface of the face.

Invest in a High-Quality Shaving Razor

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Make sure you use a razor that has a very sharp blade. Razors do not just cut off hair from your skin, they also scrape off layers of your skin in the process.

A dull blade actually causes more trauma on the skin, making it look scratchy, and depending on the quality of the razor and the toughness of your beard, you should change your blades regularly, between three to ten shaves.

You should also Clean your razor regularly. You can do this by rinsing it with hot water before and after shaving, as this removes dirt, shaving cream, and hair that accumulate after every shave.

Shave Properly

It is recommended to shave with the grain, which means, following the direction of the hair growth. Start from the sides, the mustache, then the chin.

Shaving against the direction of your hair growth gives you a closer shave but increases the risk of cuts and ingrown hair, which can lead to inflammation and infection.

Be Good

When you believe that you have finished shaving, you still need to rinse off the wet shaver head, put on the shaver cap, and maybe put on some aftershave or moisturizer.

Now that seems better, and you have the perfect shave.

Shaving Tips & Tricks:

  • Store your blade in a bit of pre-shave oil
  • Use a razor shield product to preserve the life of your razor.
  • Avoid shaving against the grain, as it can cut hair below the skin and cause ingrown hairs or more serious infections.
  • If you’re prone to ingrown hairs or have sensitive skin, use a disposable razor or cartridge no more than five times before getting rid of it, and switching to a new one. This will maximize results and minimize cuts and irritation.

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